Portable escape room. The proposal

Game box or board game, room escape style, in which you have to solve the puzzles that will appear, until you reach the end.

CLASSIC VERSION: Each group will have a trunk containing 6 boxes that must be opened until reaching the end. All around the table.

GYMKHANA VERSION: Same game but the boxes you should look for through clues, hidden by your rooms/halls or gardens. It requires prior work of information on your part to bring ready the clues from where the boxes are. Supplement of 2€ per player.


Same circuit for both but Junior version with clues adapted to their age.

Possibility to order combined boxes, senior and junior, yo play all together, each one to their level.


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Where to play the escape room

Private houses                                  Cottages

Restaurants                                       Hotels

Outdoor                                             Companies

Town halls                                         Hospitals

Rural centres                                     Weddings

Small groups also in our hall, without additional cost.

How many players and packs

You can play 4/5 persons with each set of boxes, without limit of players, having as many packs as necessary for the total number of players. If you are 2 or 3 with certain experience, you can play too.

18 years, the minimum age to participate alone. Minors must be accompanied by minimum two adults per pack.

Also for schools.

Portable escape room in Competition mode

Each group will compete with the others to finish the first, with a series of questions at the end that will add or substract seconds from the total.

You can divide into groups to compete, or if you are only 4 or 5 you can play together with a single box.


Level of this portable game and time

For beginners and players who have made few room escape, you can play in 70/80 minutes. Very expert groups can finish in 40/50 minutes. But we expect heterogeneus groups, with different level players.

Your place or ours to play the escape room

Any room where players can fit, is acceptable, in groups of 4/5 for each pack, at tables of approximate dimensions 180 x 90 cms. (two bar tables together).

A certain space between tables is recommended to avoid that other groups can listen your comments about clues, etc.

The place is not included in the prices. If you do not have space, we offer you the following options.

MonasteriuM Hall
At the entrance of our room escape Monasterium we can place one or two packs of boxes, with which if you are 2 to 10 people, you can play here without additional charge, together or in two groups.

Sant Roc Hall
100€. Open room very close to Plaza España. It allows up to groups of 30/40 people. As it is quite close to MonasteriuM, we do not charge you displacement.

Kind of portable escape sessions

You will play only with your group. Friends, family, company workers. Between 2 and 30 people (ask for larger groups). Indicate the place or address where you want to play in the booking form, or if you prefer to play in one of our proposals.

If you prefer to play in your local or domicile, you must be at least 10 (or book 10 even if you are less).

If you come to our place, you can request that we prepare a pack or two, in competition mode, even if you are for example 4 and you want to play two against two, if you dare..

Prices and transport to play

Please refer the booking form for current prices depending number of players. Children under 7 don’t pay.

18 years is the minimum age to play alone. Children under 18 must play with a minimum of 2 adults per table.

In schools, the monitors in charge of the children in the room do not pay. Minimum 10 players, and invoice in the name of the school or entity.

 Transportation to your local or address is not included. You have three prices in the form according to distance, which will be the one marked in Google Maps with car from your local to the address of Room Escape VIP. For larger distances, see price..



Deposit of 50% or full payment for reservation.
Wire transfer or deposit in ATM without envelope or Bizum.
If the payment is partial, the rest in cash at the beginning of the activity or transfer/deposit at ATM without envelope three days before minimum.
You cannot play if we have not received the full amount.
All prices include 21% VAT. Notice for detailed invoice.

The cancellations or changes due to illness, covid, new covid restrictions, etc. do not imply a refund of the amount but an expiration with 6 months of margin to look for new dates.

You should arrive 5/10 MINUTES BEFORE THE START. If you are very late and there are more teams in shared sessions you will not be able to start the activity. Always warn of possible delays to try to arrange it, if possible.

What is the Theme

The explorer Augustus Joker goes out in search of a miraculous object through some ancient cultures. You have to help him to find it. Puzzles to solve to open locks and boxes, and as happens in MonasteriuM, with some brushstrokes of culture. No fear or violence, it is therefore ideal to play all audiences. 

Some languages to play

Main option in Spanish, thinking that in large groups, companies, etc. there will be players of different nationalities. Also in Catalan, English and French (warn with enough time to prepare).


Customize the portable escape room

It is one of the challenges we will be happy to take on. If you like the game, and you think of playing large groups or on a continuous way (schools, companies, etc.), we can adapt the game to specific theme, or with specific data (for example, a company that wants to give the experience to its customers, and that has mentions of its products). Request for more information and budget.

Contact us

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Tel: +34 673 650 612

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